One Piece Toilet and Buying Tips

The one piece toilet refers to a toilet style that eliminates the seam between bowl and tank. This results in a sleek design without any crevices present to trap dirt. Compared to the two piece toilet models, this one in general tends to be more expensive. However, one piece toilet parts are also easy to find, which makes it recommended to install and use. You may also want to read one piece toilet review to make your decision and follow these buying tips we share for you.

Choose the right height for your choice of one piece toilet. Usually, toilets come in either a standard height or a comfort height. The comfort height toilets are recommended if yours is not going to be used frequently by children due to the extra two or three inches in height compared to standard ones. Another important thing important to consider when buying a new toilet is the shape of the bowl. It is usually either elongated or round bowls that will suitable to use depending the size of your bathroom.

You may want to consider buying a one piece toilet with water saving options. It is especially important realizing toilets are the main source of water consumption of a home, accounting for about 30% of indoor water use in total. Today’s toilets, however, are far more water-saving than old toilets with a flush of 1.6 gallons only. But there’s still more you can do, such as installing a dual-flush toilet with a low-volume flush for the times when only a little water will work.

It is also important to understand the various flush mechanisms for toilets so you are ensured the one piece toilet you buy is the one that you need. The gravity-flush or gravity-fed toilets use the weight of water to create flushing power. It is the simplest flushing mechanism, meaning the low maintenance toilets. IT is also adequate for many people. But if you still prefer the more water-saving option, consider the pressure-flush or assisted-flush toilet. The increase in flushing pressure results a more efficient and powerful flush.

Last but not least, you may also want to consider installing a bidet along with a one piece toilet. Even though bidet in the U.S. isn’t as common as it is in European and Asian countries, it can create a more hygienic solution for your toilet use, as it is used not to replace toilet paper.


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