Organizing Your File Cabinet the Right Way

Having a file cabinet placed in your home office is not sufficient, though. You may have decided using file cabinet desk or choosing file cabinet dimensions that fit perfectly in the room, but those will not do in creating an organized office space. Follow these tips to help you organizing the filing cabinet!

Start from creating a filing system first. Filing system refers to the method by which you plan to store and file the documents and papers inside the file cabinet, No matter how general or detailed the filing system is, the point is to allow you finding what you need conveniently and easily. For example, organize the files alphabetically, by company name, by project date, or by due date. When you’re done creating a filing system, make a list of files to place into the system. You will only need a sheet of paper and a pencil to write down the names of files to go into the system.

When you are organizing your file cabinet, having miscellaneous folders is forbidden. No matter how tempting it is to throw out all those random cards and papers into a single miscellaneous folder, it can do more harm than good, though. It’s especially true when it comes to getting information easily and quickly.

Make organizing the file cabinet more fun and exciting by personalizing the files and cabinets. Try to make your filing cabinet more visually attractive. These days, it is never a hard time to find any different kind of office supplies in a variety of colors, patterns, and shapes. What about colorful filing cabinets to buy, rather than the oh-so-formal-looking metal one? Add more colors to your work life by using portable file folders or manila folders in bright colors. Don’t worry about the price, though, as there is always one for every budget! Use the folders and label each of them according to the list prepared as you create the filing system. For more unified look, you can label using a label maker rather than with a pencil.

When you start organizing the file cabinet, always remember to begin with a clean slate, meaning a clean cabinet. If you reorganize the old one, remove the contents, and place them onto a flat and clean surface. Now is the time to place all of the documents and papers into the appropriate folders. Again and again, refer back to the filing system and file list you have created before to remind you what goes where.


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