Pool Decks Tips: Determine the Location and Layout

Any pool decks are often a part of the whole backyard area, including the pool itself with other features, such as kitchen, dining and seating area, outdoor fireplace or fire put, and even water feature such as fountain or pond. When you are working on your pool decks designs, the pool area must be a part of the whole outdoor package. With many pool decks pictures you can look up, small chances you will run out of inspiration. Even so, as for today, we will help you with these tips to determine the right layout and location to optimize your outdoor living experience.

If you have a large lot, there are more options to choose for where to place the pool and pool decks. You can build the pool away from the house, establishing a separate activity area, with a larger deck surrounding. With larger properties, you can also benefit from the ease and opportunity to go for a freeform design. Natural curves, after all, are more attractive in design as you have a backdrop of landscaping rather than geometrical, rigid shapes.

Alternatively, you can opt for pool decks with a concrete surface treatment to complement the natural landscaping. After all, neutral earth tones always work greatly to blend the surface and the surrounding landscape. Consider choosing patterns for concrete to mimic natural materials such as slate, stone, flagstone, etc. Luckily, today’s stamped concrete can makes it highly possible.

But it doesn’t mean you have limited options if your pool decks is about to be constructed on your smaller lot. Typical residential lots will require that the pool to be placed closer to the building, or even adjoined. Therefore, the pool can become a part of the structure and architecture of the home. This will require the pool and deck to use more geometric lines, such as an oval or rectangular shaped pool so the pool can become a silhouette of the home.

As for the pool decks, they are ideally to complement or match the materials and colors of the home’s exterior. With the close proximity of the home, the pool area is best to harmoniously blend with the structure instead of trying to blend with the landscaping. Use similar materials in color, shape, or texture for your garden edging or nearby walkways or paths to make it easier in incorporating the landscaping with the design of your pool deck.


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