Portable Toilet Sizes, Pros and Cons, and Variations

Portaloo is the U.K. This refers to a simple portable enclosure that contains a chemical toilet, or a toilet bowl that is filled with disinfectant rather than water. The portable toilet seat is usually used as a temporary toilet for large gatherings or construction sites due to its convenience and durability. The portable toilet rental is also available to accommodate the needs of toilet for various occasions.

The size of a portable toilet is designed to be large enough for a single occupant. It is usually about 43 inches square x 83 inches high. The stability, with the toilet units are usually freestanding structures, is amplified by the weight of the waste tank that usually contains the empty liquid disinfectant deodorizer and dispenser. Some portable toilets include a urinal and a seated toilet, as well as lockable doors, a vent pipe for the holding tank, and ventilation near the top.

Even though portable toilet is more costly than a standard permanent outdoor latrine, its portability is one benefit many users favor. As portable toilets are self-contained, they can be easily placed nearly anywhere. Following the rule, they are drained, disinfected, deodorized, and cleaned on a regular basis. In fact, it is generally cheaper to rent one than hiring janitorial service to clean the restrooms every week. Besides, they aren’t plumbed to pipes so they don’t clog.

However, since portable toilet is not plumbed, the waste is thus kept inside the bathroom. If the portable toilets are overused or not cleaned properly, this will lead to a sewage smell. In some cases, portable toilets that are used for advertising purposes can turn into an eyesore in most communities, thus requiring the use only with special permission from the municipality or city. Apart from that, they aren’t designed to accommodate a person with wheelchair.

Newer portable toilet models usually include toilet paper and even anti-bacterial hand sanitizer dispensers. Soaps and towels may be provided, and some models even include a foot pump to dispense water used to wash hands after using the toilet. There are even luxury portable toilets that are usually mounted on large trailers or made from converting shipping containers. They have every amenity a public washroom often has, including running water, stalls, flushing toilet, lighting, mirrors, and even hot water and air conditioning.


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