Pros and Cons from Installing Frameless Shower Door

In some cases, a small update can always make a significant difference to the room as a whole. This also applies when it comes to renovating your bathroom and shower room. If you wish to undergo only a less expensive renovation project since a major one will be too much, consider replacing the existing shower enclosure with a frameless shower door. Today, we will briefly introduce you to this shower door option while mentioning its pros and cons to help you decide which one will be the best for you.

Heavy duty glass and special pivots to provide structural support are necessary for frameless shower door. It is due to how the frameless shower enclosures are free of any metal around the operable part of glass partition. Even so, there are still some frameless shower door hardware options that incorporate metal tracks or frame along the other parts of the doors, such as the edges or bottom.

Due to the absence of metal parts during the frameless shower door installation, the enclosure thus can provide a distinct visual appearance. The door can help create the more open and airy look, thus you can also let the interesting details coming from the tile work exposed and undisrupted. Cleaning is also made easier with the lack or even absence of frame. The frameless shower door also allows for more creative layouts and decorative features compared to its framed counterpart. Manufacturers cut the doors to size. Therefore, you can easily get any custom fit you desire rather than limiting yourself to the sizes that are in stock.

Even though replacing shower door is more inexpensive than any typical major bathroom remodel, it is important to remember that the frameless shower door is relatively more expensive. It is due to the use of heavy duty glass for the door to be simply practical and functional. If you are on a limited budget, framed shower door may provide a better solution for you.

Another big drawback when it comes to frameless shower door is how the lack of sweeps and seals, although they can accommodate the more open and airy appearance in your bathroom, also means a bigger chance of leaks. Therefore, the placement of the door is limited in association to the showerhead position. It is best to install the door away from the showerhead to prevent leaks resulting through the gaps around the shower door.


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