Pros and Cons from Installing Wall Mounted Toilet

The hung or wall mounted toilet is a great choice for homeowners who live in a smaller house with small bathroom. The residential wall mounted toilet has smaller footprint and even does not need a lot of room to be installed and used. What we will talk about today is not how to install a wall mounted toilet, but the pros and cons from installing and using wall hung toilet you can consider before deciding.

As mentioned before, the wall mounted toilet is a suitable choice for a small bathroom. It does not take up too much amount of space with its installation that is unlike a conventional toilet. Wall hung toilet can also be installed anywhere near a water source so you can open the space for other bathroom decorating ideas. Installing a wall hung toilet can also provide clean lines for the bathroom, transforming the space into a more stylish one that can fit the rest of the home decor style and theme. With wall hung toilet, water outlets and other elements of the toilet that stick out can be concealed.

On the other hand, wall mounted toiletitself is costly, and we have not talked about costs associated with installation and those related to hanging the toilet on your wall. On the other hand, the wall hung toilet can also come loose after years of use because of the pressured distributed to the wall mount. This usually will require constant adjustment, in addition to rehanging performed by a qualified plumber, which surely can add cost to the project. More leaking is also highly possible from this type of toilet compared to the floor mounted models, which absolutely results in more cost to repair.

The wall mounted toilet is more popular to use in the European countries rather than in the United States. Consider the pros and cons from installing this type of toilet before you make a final decision. You may prefer to install the conventional floor mounted toilet as it is relatively more inexpensive and convenient to use.

You can also pay a visit to the kitchen and bath showroom stores near you so you can take a look at the various models that are available, aside from the floor mounted or wall mounted toilet. There are two piece toilet, one piece toilet, and tankless toilet, as well as options with different flushing power that provide even more expansive models to consider.


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