Reupholstering Wingback Chair Tips for Beginners

Despite the retro and traditional look of wingback chair, it is still a popular choice of accent chair due to its timeless beauty and charm. Aesthetics aside, this accent chair style is also comfortable to sit on as well. The wingback chair covers to upholster the chair is one of the most notable characteristic of this chair type, as well as one important aspect determining the overall look of this seating option. To reupholster the wingback chair slipcover, read these tips first, especially if you’re new in this.

First of all, understand that the upholstery for this elegant retro chair is not made any differently than other type of chair, regardless its character. The wingback chair has either a separate cushion coming out or a cushion that is part of the chair. Either upholstered or wood arms are also possible for this accent chair style. The options can vary to whether the chair has removable filets, decorative brass rivets, or delicate transition lines with only fabric stretched over. The chair is soft and cushy as you sink into it, but it can feel stiff to make you sit up straight, though.

Remember the key to good upholstery, including for your wingback chair: Know how to conceal staple lines. Staples are what keep the fabric sit in place and hidden behind filets, lips, below cushions, or tucked under folds. As you remove the staples, always pat attention to where those points are located. Those lines are both starting and ending points when you install fabric for upholstery. We don’t recommend you to use easily stretch fabrics as they tend to wrinkle and hard to control.

Many wingback chairs use fillets on the front of the chair arms. You’re lucky if your wingback chair has one as filet hides everything. It is simple to remove too. When you’re done upholstering the body of your chair, wrap the filet with the same upholstery fabric and then reattach it onto the chair arm. Your chair may have large brass rivets too.

Last but not least is upholstery foam type you use. It is usually available in 3 densities: Dark blue or black is the most dense and stiffest, purple is medium, and baby or light blue is the softest. Whenever you use foam for wingback chair, make sure to compress it as much as possible before you staple the fabric. Use blocks, books, clamps, or someone to help compress it for you.


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