Round Table Tops Will Make You and Your Family Closer

Are you looking for table tops furniture for your dining table? If yes, what do you choose? Is it a square dining table or the round one? Most people use the square one. And it is very common for a family. But, do you know that a dining table with round table tops is better than the square one? Well, there are so many meaning why the round dining table is better. One of the reasons is that it can make you and your family closer while having dinner.

Dining room is used to gather all the family members when they are having meals. In dinner time, for example, there will be many stories coming from a father about his work, a mother about her activities in a day, and children who have problems or achievements in their school. This kind of sharing feeling is important. When you have round table tops, it feels like there are no gaps among you, your father, and your mother. Different from a square table tops, there must be a line of the table that separates you and your family members while having meals.

The other thing why round table tops is better than the square one is that it will not make any difference among people who sit there. You sometimes see a log square dining table in a palace or in an office that requires the boss or the one that has higher position to sit in the center of the table as an important place. However, by using the round one, all people are the same.

You can choose whether you want to have wooden table tops or table top glass               . If you choose the wooden one, it means that you need to clean the table with special spray since different kind of wood, such as mahogany or teak, has special treatment. If it is made of glass, the way it is cleaned is different, too.

You might use powder to remove very small sticky things on it. Then, you can clean your round glass table tops by using lemonade or orange liquid to bring the shiny of the table back. Clean and rub it with tissue or a piece of newspaper to make the result better. The last is the way you can remove the scratches on the glass dining table. It is easy—you can use toothpaste to remove the stretches.


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