Shoe Cabinet and Storage Tips

Tossing your shoes randomly to your shoe cabinet is never a solution to store and organize your footwear. Trust us. When you are using shoe cabinet storage, you still need to consider other important aspects. Therefore, you can optimize the use of your shoe cabinet furniture. Here are some tips you can follow to keep your collection of shoes organized, protected, and accessible.

As you decide to buy shoe cabinet to add another storage organizer in your closet, consider the entire closet as you plan storage for your footwear. Ask yourself questions, mostly related to how you want the closet unit as a whole to function. You surely will not want to make room for your shoes, but you have to displace other important items to store in the end. You can also plan for accessibility and visibility. Avoid storing your shoes hanging clothes if possible as it can make the shoes hard to see, even though it is still considerably recommended if you have to deal with a small closet. You may also way to use clear boxes to store each pair of shoes to keep them protected.

When you are shopping for shoe cabinet, you will be exposed to many choices. Staring from shoe organizers hanging from closet rod to drawers to use on closet shelves, it is important to pick one that is right for you. Consider some things first before making your decision, such as the style you like, where you plan to store your shoes, styles of shoes you have (high heels need different storage than flats as they consume more room), and how many pairs of shoes to store.

Organize your shoe cabinet in a way that can make morning shoe hunt more convenient and easier. It is always recommended to place pairs of shoes you wear most frequently on easily accessible shelves, such as lower shelves or foremost one. As for less-frequently worn pairs of shoes can be kept in separate storage unit or placed on the higher shelving area.

Consider buying accessories such as shoe trees to help you protecting the shape of shoes store in your shoe cabinet. They will help protect the shape. Cedar shoe trees can also absorb moisture which can weaken and damage your shoes. Boot shapers can prevent your boots from creases and cracks. You can even buy boot shapers with a hook already included so you can hang your boots on your closet rod.


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