Should You Choose Backpacking Stove or Camping Stove?

When you are planning to go closer to nature and plan to stay there for several days, what you consider is about food. How can you live without food? How can you survive if there is no food while you must walk or go to faraway place? Well, let’s consider backpacking or camping stove! Here are some camping stoves reviews that need to be considered before you buy camping or backpacking stove.

The first crucial thing that needs to be asked to you before traveling is that whether you need backpacking stove, or camping stove instead? If you need a camping stove, the type depends on you. It depends on your consideration about your weight restriction, cooking aspiration and space. For example, car camping stove is designed to be picked out of the car and you bring it maximum 20 feet to your campsite. Car camping stove is generally large and it is almost similar to home stove. It is usually made of steel and has good durability.

However, if you need a backpacking stove, you need the one that is designed to be more efficient, of course. Different from camping stove, it has to be efficient in the weight and size, also the matter of fuel it uses. For example, some backpacking stoves are designed to cook food and paired with other ultra-lightweight cookware. Some are only designed to boil water. Backpacking stove is usually made of aluminum or titanium because it is lighter than steel. It uses efficient fuel that can be good for camping, too, for few days.

The next thing after deciding the type of stove you need is to decide the fuel better used by your backpacking or camping stove. There are two fuels recommended by some backpackers, they are liquid and propane. But, you have to consider the advantages and disadvantages those fuels have. If you want to choose cheaper fuel, it’s better to choose propane. It is not only cheaper, but it is easier to use rather than liquid and it is more accessible.

Propane lights for backpacking or camping stove will instantly and cleanly burn. It does not require any pumping. Nevertheless, if you are camping in a colder climate, better to choose liquid fuel because propane can be inefficient when its canister gets close to empty. Then, do not forget to go browsing on other best camping stoves recommended by some backpackers!


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