Some Alternatives to Effectively Add Microwave Cabinet

Microwave is one of kitchen appliances that must be available in the kitchen. It helps us prepare some snacks. This appliance is important, indeed, but some of us may not install any because they do not have, or at least confused about, the right microwave cabinet. There are two concepts of microwave cabinet designs. They can be gently showed off or can be also hidden in a certain spot. If you are planning to hide this stuff, here are some tips that will work for you.

Alternatives to Add Microwave Cabinet

First, the work area of the kitchen should be decided. Then, let us see which alternative that can be the best. The first alternative is microwave under countertop. Kitchen island can be the right place for microwave cabinet. Find a lower shelf on the island and stash the microwave right there. Another popular alternative is on the cupboard nook. Built-in microwave storage cabinet is currently offered in this spot.

Hiding the microwave inside a drawer can be a perfect option to take. It has similar concept to microwave under countertop. However, the model of this microwave cabinet has some differences. It is installed under countertop and sliding drawer for the easy access. For a sleek modern kitchen, this idea brilliantly offers simplicity and cleanliness. Another sleek look offer can also be afforded by having the microwave installed on the wall. However, it can’t be hidden at all.

There are actually more spots to install microwave. The microwave cabinet can be added over the refrigerator when there is unused space available. It can be acceptable if the fridge is short enough. Simply displaying the microwave on a shelf is also another nice idea. You can have some shelving unit and let one of them be with microwave. Cupboard is another place to add microwave. It can be hidden inside to avoid some messy looks. It also offers easy to clean effect.

Another idea of microwave cabinet is those that are designed in free standing style. It will be a good option to take when an additional cabinet is needed. A free standing cabinet with cabinet will give extra storage. It can be added somewhere in the kitchen. Some brilliant designs accommodate the cabinet with wheels. Portable design makes us easy to move the cabinet when it is used and when it is not used. This idea is acceptable for a spacious kitchen because small kitchen does not require more cabinets.


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