Spring Clean the Home Bar Cabinet

Finally you decide to build a home bar in your basement or living room, or maybe you finally decide it is the right time to spring clean your bar cabinet. It does not matter what season it is, lounging with friends while enjoying the favorite liquor is always a good way to spend leisure time, whether it is by chatting or watching a game match together. No matter what bar cabinet ideas you prefer, these organization tips will keep your bar cabinet furniture always ready.

You can start by pulling out everything from your bar cabinet. Line it up on the counter. Even though alcohol typically has extremely long shelf life, it doesn’t mean it can last forever. Decide what stays and what goes. For example, unopened base spirits can be kept indefinitely, but if they remain untouched over a year, it’s better to give them to someone who will. As for opened ones, throw away those that are less than have been sitting around for a while or less than one-quarter full.

Non-creamy liqueurs can spoil more easily so always pay cautions. Any discoloration, odor, or crystallization, or when the bottles are still around after 1 year, mean a sign to get rid of them from your bar cabinet. Creamy liqueurs, on the other hand, can be refrigerated up to 6 months after opening, but check the expiration date to be safe. Bitters, even opened, can last for years, so keep them around. Fortified wines can hold on up to 8 months after opening. But when they lose the flavor or smell musty, toss them.

Next step is to de-grime the bottles and clean your bar cabinet. Dust and swipe down thoroughly. When you’re done, restock the cabinet only with the basics: Bases and mixers to make cocktails (e.g.: gin, vodka, bourbon, dry vermouth, and bitters); Accents (e.g.: Fresh lemons and limes, simple syrup, soda water); Barware (have six to eight of each of short glasses, tall glasses, coupes, and wine glasses); and Tools (cocktail shaker, jigger, corkscrew, bar spoon, and strainer).

Last but not least is to personalize your bar cabinet by adding your style for finishing touch. For example, group bottles together using cocktail trays. It can keep the bar area organized, as well as doubling as serving trays when your friends are over. Stylish sippers and top-notch napkins can also make a great addition to complement your home bar area.


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