Starting Bedroom Decorating Ideas from Small Things

Do you want to decorate your bedroom because you feel bored of the appearance and the furniture? Well, that’s a good idea for you since everyone must agree that they need something new to make them feel comfortable and enthusiastic in doing their activities. Bedroom decorating ideas do not mean that you have to buy expensive things. There are some ways on making the room look new with cheap bedroom decorating ideas. What about a small room? Can it be decorated, too? Well, yes, why not?

To decorate a bedroom, bedroom decorating ideas start from the curtains. Have you paid attention to your curtains? Curtains for a couple’s bedroom are usually suggested to be red and yellow. Red is the symbol of love and yellow, with its splash and shine will support your romantic look with the curtains. It will be different if it is about teenage bedroom decorating ideas. Teenage tends to love something colorful, so if the curtains are for your daughter’s bedroom, you can choose pink. Curtains that have cute pictures such as animation figure are also good for her bedroom. If it is for your son, blue will be good option for him.

Setting a fireplace is good for your bedroom decorating ideas if you are thinking of you and your husband’s bedroom. Why a fireplace? Fireplace can support romantic nuance by its heat. You can go for the electric or the realistic ones—it depends on your interest. After that, try to think about the lighting in your bedroom. Your bedroom nuance will be better if you put small standing lamps or bed lamps which have mellow and soft lighting, such as yellow lights.

Then, what about a small bedroom? Well, when you have bedroom decorating ideas, you need to think about things inside your bedroom that are important and not. For example, if you have small room, try not to choose too big or too large wardrobe. Try to look for small but simple and elegant makeup vanity, instead of buying the large one. It will only make your room look so stuffy.

Small bedroom decorating ideas also considers about the bed. Make sure to choose small, but comfortable bed. The bedclothes are also important. What is good for small bedroom decorating ideas? Do not choose plain color, it will only make your bed and the nuance of your bedroom spooky and lonely. Besides, usually small bedroom will easily get dirty, so instead of choosing plain with light color bedclothes, you might better choose the ones that have pattern.


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