Three Window Guards for Much Better Home Security

Hiring security may help you keep your house secure. But there is cheaper way you can opt for to protect everyone and everything in your house: adding window guards. Window guard is the simplest and cheapest idea to keep the thief out of our house. That’s included as cathedral window guards is basic window bars. Basic window bars that are also known as bar basics usually have metal grids we must bolt or screw through our window frames. It is very easy to install the basic window bars.

If you’re about to add some basic window bars to your windows by yourself through the do it yourself project, opt for basic window guards that have three to four bars from steel that have metal framing. You can find these basic window bars at the local home improvement stores or centers. If these simple window bars are too simple for you, get the other version that’s more elaborate and has scrollwork and artistic motifs as the accents.

Even you can order customized bars for your window guards. The customized window guards usually are made from wrought iron material. The price of each customized window bar can reach one thousand dollar. Window bars or church window guards actually come in several different types. For example there are permanent bars that are designed to provide constant security and appropriate for people who need window bars they can use for long time. What are the other types of window bar?

Assorted Types of Window Guards or Window Security Bars

Beside the permanent window guards, there are also swing away security bars for windows that are usually hinged in order to clean window glass. Those swing away window bars can be secured with padlock or also the quick release mechanism that’s only available from inside the window. Even though this isn’t as secure as permanent security bars for windows, swing away window bars are a great option.

Last type of window guards or window security bars is removable bars. This last type is designed for residences and small stores and for the other commercial uses. If you want flexibility, this last window bar is what you need. You can install the bars to the windows and leave them along the night. In the morning when you stay at home, you can remove the bars and make your windows look clean and free. Which window security bar do you think is better for your home?


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