Timelessly Beautiful Campaign Desk and Its Use in Modern Settings

The campaign desk refers to an antique desk of normal size that was once used by officers and staffs in rear areas during the military campaign. The design of antique campaign deskalong with its campaign desk hardware, varies in form greatly. However, all had common trait of several features that generally made the desk easy to transport from one campaign placement to another.

For example, the traditional pedestal desk form for campaign desk would feature strong yet removable fittings, making the desk easy to break up in three pieces: One desktop surface and two pedestals. Every piece would have iron or brass handles mounted to accommodate handling during the transport. The variations of this desk style for antique writing table appear to have been somewhat frequent. This form usually was in one piece with strong handles, in addition to two pairs of folding legs.

The use of campaign desk still has its appeal even in the more modern home interior design. Without eliminating the antique inspired look, this beautiful table can be highly practical and versatile to use, along with the demonstration of flexibility to fit different purposes or uses. The options are also varied in term of finish, color, and hardware material, thus providing homeowners a surface that is also beautifully stunning to the eye.

The campaign desk can make a great choice for an office desk if you are not interested with a full-sized and bulky one. The placement is also practically flexible, depending on the size and layout of your home office. If you have a separate home office, you can treat the desk as the standard full-sized one, meaning it is placed at the center of the room for focal point. But even if you have to deal with a smaller office space or if you need to place a workspace in existing living room or bedroom, the desk shape and size will make it easier for you to place the piece against the wall or window.

Making a dining table with campaign desk is also possible. Try placing two campaign desks in exactly the same size and color side by side for more table surface to enjoy the delightful homemade meal prepared. For the smaller version, or field desk, the desk can also be used as a console in your living room and entry hallway. You may also find the desk useful in dining room as buffet.


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