Tips to Organize Your Wardrobe Cabinet

Having your wardrobe cabinet organized is absolutely a must. Organized, clutter-free bedroom wardrobe cabinet can make a significant difference for you to live your life every day. With no more digging through a pile of unfolded t-shirts or carelessly throwing off-season clothes to find your favorite outwear, organized storage wardrobe cabinet will make your life much easier. Here’s how!

As painful as it may sound, always start with unloading the entire contents of your wardrobe cabinet when you start organizing. This way, you can take stock of what is actually in your closet. Sort them out, ditch what you don’t need—you can even make extra cash by selling those that are still in good condition—and keep what you still need. Once you’ve decided exactly what to keep, you can thus assign which storage unit for what better. Adjust any shelving units as necessary and you may wish to buy baskets or clear container in various sizes for better organization, including for smaller items.

Do you know that the potential storage space in your wardrobe cabinet is not the shelving units only? Be more creative and space-savvy; there is the empty wall or door space you can use too! The insides of the doors can make a great cabinet organizer solution for scarves and necklaces. Mount hooks, dowels, or bars to optimize the available space. The hardware doesn’t need to be elaborate; just be sure it’s appropriately sized to handle the weight of the planned load.

Just like any room in your home, your wardrobe cabinet also needs sufficient lighting. This will help you find anything easier. If you can spend quite a lot, have an electrician to add shelf lighting for optimal closet lighting solution. But if you are tight on budget, you can use either screw-in or stick-on battery-operated LED placed on every shelf for the similar convenience without any fuss from having to install wiring for the lighting fixture.

Think a way to help you organize your wardrobe cabinet easier for you, making morning outfit hunt a breeze. For example, you will wish to round up like items together based on certain categories you have created, such as separating based on occasions—formal, semi-formal, and casual—or by colors. And if the closet is used by more than one person, like as family wardrobe, you may want to assign different colors for each person, such as on hangers or shelf labels.


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