Tips to Selecting the Right Office Chair

The ideal office chair should be both comfortable and ergonomic. It is important for you who spend at least 40 hours a week sitting in front of your office desk to work. Ergonomic office desk chair will help you improve your work life while promoting healthier life as a whole as well. Ergonomic chair will prevent you from several health issues, including stiff neck and back pain which may lead to the more serious health problems if you do not address them properly. Here are some tips to help you choosing the right desk chair!

It is important to always try sitting on the chair you plan to buy. Make sure the seat pan is at least 1” wider than your thighs and hips on either side as you sit in the office chair. Make sure the seat pan is not too long for your legs, or it will prevent you from inclining fully back against office chair back support or catch you behind your knees. For the last issue, notice that most ergonomic chairs feature a seat pan with waterfall front to prevent it. Check if the seat pan is also contoured for even weight distribution. Above it all, it the chair must be comfortable to sit on.

Always make sure that the office chair you plan to buy is pneumatically adjustable. Therefore, you can adjust the height of seat pan as you sit on the chair. It is important to maintain the right sitting position; the front of your knees must be level or slightly below level and your feet lay firmly on the floor. And absolutely the adjustable seat height mechanism must be easy to operate and reach as you are seated.

Many office chair options feature lumbar support occupants can adjust up and down, as well as forwards and backwards, to fit the shape best. Adjustable office chair cushion for lumbar support is especially ideal if the chair is going to be used by multiple users. But if you are the only user of the chair, a fixed lumbar support is not an issue at all as long as it’s comfortable.

Last but not least is to make sure the chair offers enough hip room. An office chair that doesn’t provide it will make you sit too far forwards on seat pan, so you will end up not having enough thigh support. When you are trying the chair, think how it will feel after 1 or 2 hours. Well, you absolutely don’t sit only for minutes when working, right?


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