Toilet Auger: Next Solution If Plunger Doesn’t Work

Clogged toilet will not only make you frustrating but also can spend a lot of budgets if you don’t know how to deal with it. There are many solutions offered before you call a plumber as it will cost you more. You can try with DIY solutions. You just need the right tool to unclog the toilet. Toilet plunger is the common solution. However, it may not work. If you see there is no progress after you use the plunger, then the next solution is using toilet auger. This tool can be even more effective than plunger.

So, if you have used a plunger but the water is not draining out of the toilet bowl as how it should, this toilet auger is the better solution. Typically, you will have this auger in the form of sharp spiral of wire for the tip. The wire is semi-rigid so it can flex easily when you use it through the bends in the bowl. This tool will clear the drainage as once you insert and push it. You just need to know how to use a toilet auger so it will not damage the toilet where it can cost you more.

It is recommended to find the right toilet auger. In the market you have a wide selection. Even, each brand has its own collections. Read more reviews of the general brand toilet auger. The rating stars and good reviews from the customers can make you sure to pick that auger type. Then, you just need to learn more tips and ideas to use this auger. You can shop this auger online and learn the tips to use it by watching the video online. Follow the step by step process carefully.

Select the toilet auger that is designed for ease of use, reliability, and safety. You can find the auger that is featured with spring wire that is rust-resistant as well as grip handle that is non-slip. You can find it with high-carbon spring wire that resists rusting, safety guide tube and plastic turning handle that is non-slip. The price is affordable. Be more selective, read the review and learn how to use the auger rightly. This is an effective clearing tool you need to use.

Toilet auger is an affective drain clearing tool that is specifically designed for unclogging a toilet. So, if you do it rightly, normally you will be able to unclog the toilet by your own hands. Don’t forget to find more tips and ideas to use auger rightly. It is because you don’t want to spend a lot of budget to call a plumber to unclog the toilet.


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