Toilet Plunger: Solution to Unclog Your Toilet

It can be seriously frustrating when your toilet is clogged. Clogged toilet even can become a serious problem as you may need to fix the drain inside and it will cost you more. It is because sometimes the problem is not only on the bowl so when you use toilet plunger to unclog it, it may not work. If you find your clogged toilet plunger not working, it can be caused by the serious problem or the way how you use the plunger. Wrong use and tips to unclog the toile with this plunger is the common problem.

So, before you call a plumber, it is good idea to unclog the toilet by yourself. Toilet plunger is one of the best solutions that you can do it yourself. Well, there are other tips to unclog the toilet without this plunger. However, using the plunger rightly can be very easy. You may even not need any budgets to spend. All you need to do is finding the right plunger by the right shape and size. Don’t forget to pick the plunger with comfortable holder as you will hold it for long time until the toilet is unclogged.

In the market, you have a wide selection of designs, sizes and shapes of toilet plunger. It is good idea to read the review of each product before purchasing. You may find the plunger that is better designed. It can be even more effective to unclog the toilet with the right plunger design. This plunger may come in traditional design to modern design. Each of them can provide different effectiveness. However, it depends on how you will use the plunger.

There are many tips and ideas of how to use toilet plunger. You can follow the instruction. Using plunger to unclog the toilet can create enough suction. This will free the clog. When you can do it rightly, even you can save more times. Commonly, you will use this plunger by pushing it in and out continually until the toilet is unclogged. When you do it, make sure the water in the bowl is enough to cover your plunger. You can watch the toilet plunger video, too.

By learning more tips of how to use the plunger rightly, you can solve the problem of clogged toilet by your own hands. If this toilet plunger is not working, then you can find other DIY tips to unclog the toilet such using shampoo and hot water or others. If there is no progress, you can call a professional plumber. Don’t forget to ask him about the right way to use plunger.


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