Transom Window for Everyone’s Essential Need of Architecture

Windows and doors in your house might look boring and you only used it for your practical need, but what if you can have a little bit more details? Combining two elements of the door and the window are one of the trends in architectural world. It’s called transom window, you might say that this terms are not commonly used, but actually you have already seen it in many buildings and houses.

The definition of transom window is a window above the door that is placed horizontally. It is a crosspiece to separate the door and the window. You might have a picture of what is transom window. Well, this window was very popular in the gothic era because it was invented in that era. You might see much gothic architecture with many details on the window above the door. Now, this window has so many styles because it’s not only suitable for a gothic house but also for Mediterranean house. You can have this essential detail in your house because there are many advantages.

Advantages of Having Transom Windows in Your House

The first thing you got when you have this item in your house is you have a better lighting, because you will get more sunshine. This transom window will surely give you a lot more sun because it is placed higher than the door and the window. It is also strictly decorative. There are many styles of transom window, it surely will give you a more aesthetic value in your house. Moreover, you can choose your own design and make it your own design.

This combination of functional and practical used is very useful for you. Another advantage you will get is by having a good airflow. You can have a transom window which can swivel forward and backward, to have a good air flow in your room. It’s very functional yet very artistic to help you have an accent in your house. If you want to have one for only decoration you can also have it with a smaller size. Besides, you can have the lead glass transom.

This type of transom window has a unique design and function to give you more light. Ventilating transoms is also one the most practical things, with a simple design and a big diameter for the ventilation. This transom window ideas could be found anywhere and help you get more styles in your house.


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