Ultimate Guide to Door Chime and Doorbells

The door chime and doorbells now are all standard in any modern home—they even make their way to become an indispensable part. The door chime sound is the one that announces the arrival of your guests, alerting you to the presence of family and friends… or even the mailman delivering a package you ordered online days before. Before electricity, no door chime alert was heard, only the sound coming from the door knockers. Today, we will provide a brief guideline to doorbells and chimes for you.

In general, the door chime and doorbell systems fall into 2 major types: wired and wireless. Wired doorbell buttons are connected physically to the chime unit, as wireless systems are connected through a radio signal. The wired doorbells are designed considering a simple electrical circuit. This system begins with a transformer which steps down any standard home voltage to a lower one, such as 12v or 10v. The button is wired to a transformer which connects to a chime in turn. As the button is pushed, the circuit is completed, followed with an electricity bringing the chimes to life.

There are several variations when it comes to the wired door chime system. They also include the use of a second button homeowners can use for a back door. The second button is typically separately wired from the doorbell transformer to the chime. Therefore, there is a different sound to play as the button is pushed. This two button doorbell system allows you to know which door is used by your visitor.

You can purchase the hardwired doorbell contractor kits or builder kits, which are sold with all the pieces required for the door chime and doorbell installation. Even though the setup is not a complicated one, you will still need to run the wires from your external doors to the doorbell transformer, and then from the transformer to the chime. During installation of a new doorbell where wiring doesn’t present, a wireless system can make a good choice. With no wire to run, you will only need to mount the buttons and the chime unit.

There are simple features to distinguish the various kinds of doorbells available. Usually, you’ll start from the many styles of door chime units and buttons, including some push-buttons that are lit to make it easier when your guests need to find the button in the dark. Next is to decide which system you will need—one or two buttons—and then choose the sounds to make.


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