Using Standing Desk: Advantages and Disadvantages

Today’s trend in office or computer desk design is using a standing desk. And just like what its name indicates, it is the kind of desk that does not require you to sit throughout the day; instead it is used with user standing while working. There are some standing desk benefits you can enjoy from using this kind of office desk, thus you can determine whether the standing desk ergonomics is for you or not. And as everything in this work, there are some disadvantages you need to know too. We will briefly discuss them here today.

With standing desk, you tend to spend more energy. By standing, your blood is more likely to flow better, allowing your mind to stay more alert. Many users experienced this and felt a lot harder to be sleepy at their desk when they were standing and working. Apart from that, this type of desk can also provide good for work life. Unlike sitting at a desk, even in half-cubicles, standing at the desk can provide more opportunities to engage a conversation with co-workers, even just to give a nod or say hello.

There is also a health benefit from using a standing desk. Unlike sitting throughout the day which often causes soreness in tailbone and back, standing by maintaining a good posture can add the strength to the core. By standing as working, you are also more alert and ready for action all day. When you are sitting, there are always a few moments to get up and away from desk, even in any case of an emergency.

However, using standing desk throughout the day may cause soreness in leg or feet. It is especially true if it is the first days you are using the desk, especially without any preparation. Thus, always consider bringing a pair of the most comfortable shoes you have. Different people require different length of time to get adapted too. The soreness is also especially true when you have to work long hours.

If you are not the kind of person who are willing to spend hours standing constantly, then you need to reconsider whether standing desk is the right choice for you or not. In fact, sitting at the desk has its own benefit too; it takes less energy so you can focus on typing even better. But to prevent you from soreness due to sitting for long hours, the key is to move regularly. Take a short break to stretch every 20 minutes and a longer break to walk around after an hour.


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