Vinyl Inground Pool Liners: Tips to Choose and Buy One

Choosing vinyl inground pool liners can always turn into a daunting task, whether you are constructing a new swimming pool or are shopping for a replacement liner for your existing pool. Even so, it does not mean the shopping cannot be made easier. Aside from matching the inground pool liners cost with your budget, you should consider some important things when you are shopping. Well, without further ado, here are some tips to help you choose and buy vinyl inground swimming pool liners to install!

First, start from selecting the pattern for your vinyl inground pool liners. This will make the most important choice to make as you select a pool liner. After all, the pattern of the pool liner is what you will see every day and every time you take a look at your swimming pool. One thing to make selecting easier is to choose pool liner pattern based on the water color. Remember that the color of your swimming pool will change with the season and the weather, which can also make a wonderful and dynamic focal point with the right liner for your outdoor space.

Second, think about the thickness. For most condition and situation, 20 mil thickness vinyl inground pool liners are recommended and always suffice since this thickness is flexible and strong. Even if you have a complicated pool shape and features, this pool liner thickness can always do. Even so, 20/20 thickness option, or a combination of 20 mil wall and 20 mil floor, is not the only option you have.

There is also a 27/20 thickness option for vinyl inground pool liners, meaning a combination of a 27 mil wall with a 20 mil floor, which can add more strength to the wall of the pool liner that handles the most weight. This is the best option for you who live in area with hard and extended freeze conditions. There is also the 27/27 thickness option which is an extreme liner choice for extreme conditions. This option is also perfect for pool with a rough surface on the floor.

Lastly, consider to customize your vinyl inground pool liners design. For example, you can go for the textured liner material to improve and protect the areas with most traffic. Alternatively, you may want to go for the no-tile liner option to create a frameless look for your swimming pool. On the other hand, you may prefer to mix and match tile pattern and bottom pattern.


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