Wassily Chair for a Rustic Look in Your Room

Wassily chair might sound strange or a bit unfamiliar for people’s ear. In fact this chair is a great invention of a chair in 20th century. The unique design of the chair shortly gains the furniture world’s attention as it was such a big invention at that time. This chair has a modern and simple design yet at the same time can look classical and vintage.

Wassily chair history lies on the inventor named Marcer Breuer, this model of chair were previously named Model B-3 chair. He was the head of the cabinet maker in Dessau, Germany. It was created in 1925, and continuously being sold until today. This wassily chair has a superior quality and that’s why it’s still being sold to this day and become one of the most popular chairs in furniture world.

How to Repair Your Wassily Chair

Vintage wassily chair is known for its durability among all chairs. However, what if you got a little trouble with the wassily chair? Repairing it will be both complicated yet simple if you know how to start fixing it. Having a good durability does not guarantee that it will last forever—minor reparation might be needed. For scrapes or spills, you could try to buy a color improvement kit and then you could apply it on the leather cover to protect the color and the lather. It can be done by most people and do not require a lot of money. It’s also important for you to know which type of chair you actually have, because it also affects on the maintenance.

The big problem usually deals with the leather aging. When you need to change the entire cover you need to go to the professional workshop to help you fix or change the leather cover. When you put different type leather, it’s important for you to have a good quality of the glue. Or else, you will have more tasks when the leather loose because it’s not properly stick on the wassily chair.

After having your leather fix and stick on the wassily chair, you can try to let them dry. Asking suggestion from a shoemaker is also a good idea, because they can provide you idea on how to deal with worn-out leather. It all depends on the type of leather. When you thought that you cannot fix the leather problem, you could always bring it to the professional workshop.


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