What to Consider When Buying Chandelier Ceiling Fan

A chandelier ceiling fan kit is still a popular option among homeowners to circulate air and provide fresh air in the room. However, cooling the space isn’t what a chandelier ceiling fan light can do. It can also circulate the air to heat up the room, keeping it warm even during cold days. Even in a room with air conditioner, a ceiling fan can still make a good use as it can prevent the AC from working too hard, therefore helping you reduce the energy cost to expense every month.

And to help you get the most out of a chandelier ceiling fan, choosing the right size is an important matter. The size of chandelier ceiling fan combo to choose will depend on the size of the room. You can cue from Energy Star’s recommendation as your guide. For a room measured up to 75 sq.-ft., a ceiling fan that is 29 to 36 inches in diameter will do. For rooms between 76-144 sq.-ft., choose a 36-42 inches fan. If the rooms are between 144 and 225 sq.-ft., ideally the fans are 44 inches in diameter. Larger ceiling fans measured at 50 to 54 inches will work well in larger rooms measured between 225 and 400 sq.-ft.

Also mind the height of the ceiling when choosing the right chandelier ceiling fan to install. Ideally, the fan should be installed about 8 feet above the floor. Therefore, always measure the height of the ceiling first to decide the right ceiling fan to install so it can work best for the room. Remember that there are various mounting options. Flush mount fan is suitable for a room with low ceilings, while down-rod mount is perfect to install in a room with at least 8-feet high ceilings.

Actually, the look of the blades of chandelier ceiling fan is more of a design feature instead of a matter of utility or efficiency. The pitch of the blades is the one to determine the fan’s ability to move air. Many fans are available with reversible blades so you can reverse them in the future to change their appearance.

Lastly, you can also consider the styles and finishes of chandelier ceiling fan when you’re buying. They can help you make sure the ceiling fan can blend seamlessly with the interior style and decor theme of the room. Consider the accessories too. Aside from light kit, ceiling fan also has others such as remote control or pull chain.


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