What You Have to Know about Bidet Toilet

For most North Americans, bidet toilet is not something common to have installed and use in their houses. On the other hand, bidet toilet attachment is used in many European, South American, and Asian countries. The bidet toilet seat is used to clean yourself after going to the bathroom and usually as an addition to toilet paper rather than in place of it. The dimension of a bidet even allows users to use it for other purposes, including sprucing up during the period for women and shaving legs or washing feet.

Even though bidet toilet is common in countries located in continents mentioned beforehand, it is not common to install in public places considering the somewhat intimate nature it has. And contrary to the popular belief spread by North Americans, using bidet is actually hygienic. In fact, it is extremely sanitary. It is used to keep yourself super clean; if you have a pigeon pooped on your head, would you simply wipe it off using a paper towel or using water and soap instead? Using bidet can help prevent infections too.

For best use, it is always important to install the bidet toilet accordingly. This means following the proper installation instructions to the letter. Proper installation absolutely can prevent you from potential problems which may arise from, let’s say, leaks on pipe joints and unsanitary placement. In the end, this will give a significant impact to the sanitary of the bidet and your toilet as a whole.

Using bidet toilet is actually pretty easy. All you need is only to get used to it. To use a bidet correctly, sit and face any direction depending on which side that requires attention. Therefore, you can face toward the bidet as if you mount a horse—FYI, “bidet” is an old-fashioned French word for “pony—or face away from the bidet controls as if you are sitting on a toilet.

In most cases, a bidet toilet has three knobs; one for hot water, one for water pressure, and one for cold water. There are also bidets that are designed with a single central control to regulate temperature (by moving it side to side) and pressure (by moving the control up and down). There are also bidets are built into the toilets. This means sometimes they only have one single lever to turn the water stream on and off. In this case, you gain some control on the water pressure, but not on the temperature.


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