Wood Filing Cabinet Designs and Ideas

Filing cabinet is absolutely a must-have item to create an organized office space that is free from clutter. This way, you do not need to stack your important files in piles on your office desk, or even your floor, which is actually worse. Today, we will share some great tips about buying filing cabinet, especially if you are considering buying wood filing cabinet. Whether it is solid wood filing cabinet that is renowned for the strength and durability of wood type or dark wood filing cabinet to create certain aesthetic appeal, make sure you choose one that fits your needs!

First of all, it is important to decide which filing cabinet type to buy. In general, the cabinet, including wood filing cabinet, is available in two different types: Vertical file cabinet and lateral file cabinet. The vertical file cabinet is the most traditional choice and often offers between 2 and 5 drawers. This filing cabinet type is a good choice if you want a storage unit that takes up little wall space, but it is not recommended if you access files every day.

It is because of how the vertical wood filing cabinet organizes your files so they run from front to back, facing the user. If you do not walk much around the room, this filing cabinet type may not be suitable for you either. To accommodate this kind of filing cabinet, especially its depth, your office space needs to provide at least 29 inches. The similar measurement also applies for the length of the storage unit when drawers are open. Even though it takes up little wall space, a crammed office shouldn’t install it.

On the other hand, there is lateral file cabinet. This kind of wood filing cabinet indeed takes up more wall space, but it has less cabinet interior space compared to vertical file one. Lateral file cabinet is usually only 20 inches deep, thus it takes less room for the drawers to open. A busy office will find this filing cabinet type a compatible choice, especially if users need to access the files for several times every day.

Surprisingly, lateral wood filing cabinet is also highly versatile. Organizing and arranging files stored inside can depend on your personal preference; you can run the files from left to right as well as back to front. There is 2-drawer lateral file cabinet that is small enough to fit under the office desk, providing a great way to extend the storage compartment of small office.


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